Tutor Nirvana (1-8th Grade Division)

Tutor Nirvana 1-8 Grade Division has the same goal as the original Tutor Nirvana-but for younger students! After watching his older brother work diligently on Tutor Nirvana, Shiv Mehrotra-Varma, a 7th grader at Granite Ridge Intermediate, was inspired to follow in his brother's footsteps. On this page, middle and elementary school students can sign up to find or be a tutor. Please note that the email listed below is only for Tutor Nirvana 1-8, not for the original version. Enjoy!

Find a tutor

Not quite understanding school work and wanting someone other than an adult to help you out? Sign up to be tutored here! Simply click the link below to email tutornirvanams@gmail.com detailing your name, grade, the subject you need help in, and your phone number (we can communicate through email if need be). Thanks!

Be a tutor

Doing well in school and want to help your fellow classmates? Apply to become a Tutor Nirvana tutor here! Click the link below to email tutornirvanams@gmail.com your name, grade, favorite subject(s), GPA (does not have to be exact), and phone number (we can communicate through email if necessary). Thanks!

Current Tutor Nirvana 1-8 Tutors

Shiv Mehrotra-Varma; Matthew Dmello; Kendric Hsu; Karaan Shetty; Jaiyen Shetty; Ian Carson; Meg Hampton

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